It always is amazing to me that even though "Waterworld" was a big flop. there are still plenty of movies out there that try to mimic it. This movie features a similar sort of post-apocalyptic concept and look, with some sharks thrown into the mix. Because, well, sharks...

These sharks movies are obviously popular nowadays, especially those made by The Asylum, for the SyFy Channel. This is yet another one of those movies, but I doubt that it is ever going to be as popular as "Sharknado" for instance, even though it obviously features an equally silly concept.

The movie is only partly entertaining to watch. Only its action is silly enough to ever entertaining, but everything around it makes this movie quite dreadful. It is absolutely crazy how this movie doesn't even ever try to elaborate on anything and throws you right into the midst of things. There is no build up, no character development. It is even as if this movie is a sequel to another movie, and it sort of assumes that everybody is familiar with that movie, so it doesn't bother to explain anything in the 'sequel'. And indeed, this movie officially is a sequel to "Planet of the Sharks", which yes, I have seen as well, but the thing about it is that it is only set in the same post-apocalyptic world, but features totally different characters, as well as a totally different concept. It is therefore also a totally different movie from its original, that definitely could have used some better setup, or just any proper setup and build up in general.

But next to its buildup, it remains a terribly bad movie with its overall story and storytelling as well. I don't really get what the main characters try to achieve, I don't get what the villains, I don't know what is the deal with all of the sharks in this movie. It is just a terrible mess. that obviously never turns into a very engaging one. It even takes away a lot of the fun from this movie, also because none of the characters ever work out in this movie.

Even as a stupid shark movie it is a disappointing one. I even have to say that this is hardly a shark movie at all. They only show up sporadically, but they are not the main focus of the movie. They also don't work out as anything too threatening, which is due to the fact that they are man-controlled. Something less scary and effective about a shark that gets controlled by a person, rather than its own instincts, which makes them both unpredictable and scary as 'villains' for a movie.

Next to its special effects, it also is a terrible movie to look at due to its weak editing and uninspired acting. The action is mostly laughable because of all of this, which in a way is enjoyable, but it at the same time of course prevents this movie from turning into anything remotely decent.

It does entertain in some ways, but other than that this is nothing more but a truly bad shark flick, that doesn't even manage to ever become much of a shark flick at all.


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