Oh yes, this most definitely would have been the type of movie Ed Wood would have made if he were still alive today. It is just that messy, nonsensical and overall poorly done. It is ridicules actually!

I honestly don't even know whether or not this even was a serious attempt at film-making. I just don't know what to make of this movie. It very obviously is more like an amateur-project, made with a zero dollar budget and probably shot and 'acted' out by a group of people who knew each other. The type of movie that got shot in the director his garden and inside of the production designer his parents basement. Absolutely nothing about this movie is professional, from its acting to its awful makeup and horrendous editing.

But it is even pointless to point out one or two things, since literally everything about this movie is poor and weak at best. Watching this movie is a real struggle, that also sucked all energy out of me. And this is not necessarily because of its weak acting, silly effects or poor makeup, but rather because of its incredibly lacking storytelling. It is all over the place! Scènes don't make much sense, dialog gets rushed, character never build up- or handled well. Seriously, it is really hard to tell what is going on in this movie most of the time, just because it is such an extremely messy and nonsensical one.

It still is obvious to me that this is more a comedy, so it is not a movie you should take very seriously in the first place, but that still is not an excuse for its quality. And really, as a comedy and more fun sort of movie it also definitely falls short. I hope they had fun making this movie, since I surely ain't had no fun watching it, at all. Due to its approach I am also somewhat in doubt if this was actually a serious attempt at film-making, or just a bunch of people having some fun. But then again, it got a release, it is on DVD, people all of the world can watch it. You shouldn't make stuff like this available if you aren't serious about it.

This honestly is barely a movie at all and I would urge you not to watch it. Not even if you are remotely curious about its ridicules and how bad it it is. Avoid! Please!


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