Formalaic thrillers are bad enough on their own already, but when they are poorly handled things especially become troublesome!

The thing with this movie is that it tries to create tension and mystery while there isn't really any tension or mystery in the movie at all. I just don't get where this movie was supposed to draw its mystery from. It is pretty clear early on already that something is wrong with the 'stepdaughter'character, yet the movie tries to turn it into a whole mystery, that is supposed to leave you guessing, even though there never is any real question. It is weird to watch really. Maybe this movie is more for people who aren't really into thrillers and more into drama's instead, with some suspense and mystery thrown into the mix.

But also the drama isn't anything all that good to watch. It is all very predictable, all very forced and just overall poorly handled by its weak storytelling, that lets everything progress by the numbers, without ever setting up any good and convincing story-lines and characters.

It is a very typical made for TV movie, in the sense that it never crosses any lines. It is all very tame and everyone is oh so very happy in this movie. No shocking scenes, never any serious tension and action that is about as exciting as a game of chess. Sorry chess-players. I love chess actually and I would definitely take a game of chess over this movie anytime!

Due to the poor handling of the suspense, mystery and overall story of the movie, it never becomes the most engaging movie to watch. The characters come across as flat, the events as unrealistic and all of the developments as unconvincing. Really, even by normal Lifetime channel movies this is a quite formulaic and weak one.

A big waste of time in my opinion.


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