Oh my! I at first was still sort of OK with this movie, until it slowly started to develop into one big messy pile of nonsense.

Seems like they had a good enough idea for a main premise but basically no idea how to execute all of it. When the movie reaches its halfway-point, it feels as if the filmmakers themselves had given up on it as well. The result is a very random and messy second half, in which stuff isn't making any sense anymore. I had no idea what was happening but having said that, it was not like its first half way was much better really.

There is plenty of stuff that bothers me about this movie and its logic is one of them. No, it's not like I was taking this movie too serious, after all, how can you take a movie involving vampires and mummies serious in the first place? But you at least need to let things make sense into the context of your movie. I for instance really don't get why the prisoners didn't seem to be bothered about changing into normal clothes, after their escape. And for some odd reason no one seems to find it strange that they walk into a town, in which time stood still. They enter some sort of old wild west town, complete with cowboys and shady bartenders and ladies of pleasure.

I had no idea how to take this movie or where its story was supposed to be heading at, until it became apparent to me that it was supposed to be some sort of cheap and lesser "From Dusk Till Dawn" ripoff. Yes, complete with vampires, even though the movie its title would suggest otherwise. It even has Danny Trejo in it as well, though admittedly in a very limited role. And then again, what genre movie nowadays doesn't star Danny Trejo in it?

I still would have been OK with this movie if at the very least the movie was an entertaining one to watch. But sadly the movie is not half as fun as its title and premise would suggest. The bad writing, directing and acting pretty much sucks all of the fun out of the movie and make this a very bad and annoying one to watch instead.

So really, if you expect or want some good mummy and vampire fun, please look elsewhere, since this movie never delivers!


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