Man, what is it with British horror and abandoned tower blocks. Actually funny these how big, ugly. concrete tower blocks have turned into the perfect backdrop for horror movies, over the years. Surely not what the architects had in mind, while developing them.

But having said that; this clearly isn't the best horror movie though. It's actually quite bad, due to more than just one reason.

Let's start with the story. There just isn't an awful lot happening in it. It of course also has a very straightforward and simple main premise, that never develops into something more interesting, clever or original. It's actually quite dull at times (basicly nothing is happening in the first half) and the movie also starts to repeat itself after a while.

But still really the biggest problem I had with this movie was its atmosphere. It was incredibly dark. Too dark really. I had a hard time figuring out what was going on at times, though this also might be due to some of its lacking directing and editing style. When a movie is just simply very dark, you know you are in for a cheap and very unimaginative horror flick, as indeed also was the case with this movie.

The characters besides aren't all that likable. They aren't really that well developed but above all, they are just a bunch of low life, criminal, teens, that want to do drugs and party all day long. Why should I care about what happens to them?

For a horror, it's lacking any real good suspense and a decent amount of scares and gore in it. It's a too simple movie, with both its setup and settings and next to that is lacking some likable characters or good enough actors to portray them, to ever make you feel involved with either its story or characters.


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