This is the biggest bore of a horror movie, I have seen in a long while. Just imaging "The Blair Witch Project" (which I'm not a big fan of in the first place), only done worse and without any of the scares, thrills or mystery.

Also the weird the thing about the movie is that it tries to present itself as a found footage movie but it's one of those genre movies in which there isn't even a character, that's constantly holding a camera. In other words, it only uses the approach of filming of a found footage movie, without actually being a found footage movie. Still get it? It keeps switching back and forth between different camera angles and it at times has characters talking straight into the camera, even when there is absolutely no good reason for it. It was distracting me too much at times and I kept wondering to myself 'now, which character is supposed to be filming this? And what's the whole purpose behind it?' But really, at times there clearly isn't one of the movie its characters behind the camera, even though the movie still constantly keeps a found footage look to it.

But oh well, if that would had been the only problem with this movie, it at least still may have been a more watchable one. There is just no good excuse for the movie to be a boring one as well though. Guess that in essence this movie still had a good and original enough main premise, involving the Frankenstein creature. But really, the movie spends 99% of its time focusing on the search for the creature, without actually showing you anything or doing anything exciting or unexpected with its approach or concept.

So also if you expect to get lots of thrills or other horror related stuff out of this movie, please look elsewhere. You can't even call this a horror or thriller really, since there isn't ever anything happening in it.

Maybe the movie still would have been a better one, if it had some better and more likable characters in it. Some of the characters start off interesting and promising enough but the movie soon stops developing them and they even all start to look and sound alike after a while. Once the search begins, there suddenly is nothing distinctive enough about their personalities anymore. It also doesn't make this the most involving movie to watch.

The 'monster' itself also isn't really being a good villain for the movie. It's a problem that you never see him do anything, so he just never comes across as a threatening enough danger, especially since it never gets established that it's the monster who is actually behind some of the disappearances and killings.

So really, there are clearly other, much better, more important and also more fun things you could doe with 87 minutes of your life. It's still not quite as bad as some people try to make it out to be. The movie isn't doing enough for me to hate it but that's the whole problem of the movie; it just isn't doing anything at all!


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