Sure, of course this is a good movie but is it also one that stands out in its genre or attempts anything new? Not really in my opinion, or at least not enough.

As a matter of fact, once you strip this movie down to its core, which is its story, it's just a very standard crime story, cleverly disguised as an action flick. It's all capably and cleverly done but it doesn't prevent the movie from being somewhat predictable and also not without its slower 'detective' moments. Oh well, perhaps it's simply true I have seen too many crime related stuff in my life already, so it's hard to truly impress or surprise me with something and so perhaps it's also true other people are going to enjoy this movie a whole lot more as I did.

Not that I hated this movie of course. It does more things right than wrong and has plenty of good and interesting aspects about it. Thing I liked about the movie is that it's one that takes a more serious and realistic approach but at the same time doesn't forget to be entertaining as well. It feels like a well balanced movie in that regard and because of its approach you feel more involved with its story and characters as well.

And the main character of Jack Reacher is absolutely a great one. He's the tough, smart, witty sort of character that is easy to like and someone that the viewers want to identify themselves with. He's both a believable action-hero, as well as a smart detective kind of guy, charismatically portrayed by Tom Cruise. It's not the usual type of 'hero' he normally plays in movies. He's tougher and a bit more dark as well, without ever crossing the line and become a bad guy. You're always on his side, no matter how many laws he breaks in this movie.

Part of the reason why the character also works out well is due to its dialog. As much as I could complain about the story, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the movie its dialog, written by Christopher McQuarrie, who also directed the movie. Part of the movie its atmosphere comes from the movie its dialog really and besides often provides the movie with plenty of pace, even when not an awful lot is happening.

Far from perfect but a still perfectly watchable genre movie! No doubt that we'll get some sequels in the future.


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