It's OK for an horror movie to be more like a thriller with its buildup and pace but it at least has to give the viewers something good or interesting with its story, which is something this movie never does.

Bad and annoying aspect about this movie is that for the longest time the story is going absolutely nowhere. It's yet again one of those movies that thinks it can be good and mysterious by keeping you in the dark about things, for as long as possible. That's however simply not the right way to build up any tension or mystery for your movie. You have to give the viewer at least something to keep them interested and invested into either the story or characters. The movie provides the viewer with absolutely nothing to keep them interested however.

It makes you wonder why the movie made you sit through its first hour. Nothing all that relevant happens and it does a poor job at dropping 'false hints'. It isn't until the movie its final 20 minutes or so that it's story suddenly starts to develop and it becomes clear what the movie was building toward. It's all too little too late however and you could hardly call the final 20 minutes of the movie effective or original as well. Actually, as a matter of fact, the more you start to think about it, the less sense it suddenly all starts to make. Why is this a ghost story? How come there is an haunting? What's the point of all of it? The movie never answers any of these questions, simply because it obviously never asked itself these questions. They were more focused on creating a genre movie, with its story and overall look, without worrying about it if any of it would make any sense and without ever becoming truly creative and surprising with anything.

My favorite part was when the movie its main character had to slam an alarm clock with a baseball bat. After one whack the clock fell down already but the actress continued to slam on to the table, since most likely they only had one alarm clock to destroy present on set that day. It should probably tell you something about the overall movie its quality.

It's just a very uncreative and far from original or engaging genre attempt, that's even far less original or watchable than the average modern genre attempt.


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