It's close to that time of the year again, which also means dozens of Christmas related movies get released, of which most just aren't very good or creative unfortunately, which is something that can be said about this movie as well.

I just don't know what this movie was trying to tell with this story and what it was hoping to achieve with it. Just like most Christmas movies, it's trying to have a warm and heartfelt type of message in it but I'm still not really sure what it was supposed to be in this case. All I could see were a bunch of people acting foolish and making stupid choices.

It probably also has everything to do with the fact that this is a poorly told movie. First of all, it's featuring far too many characters, which makes things confusing and is a reason why it's very hard to ever get into this movie. It's therefore also hard to really ever care about anything or anyone in this movie. Because the story feels all over the place, none of the developments work out that great or involving either. It's trying hard to be a warm and heartfelt movie and no doubt that it got made with all of the right intentions but they really should had spend some more time on its script and at bringing it to the screen in an involving and interesting enough way.

The movie foremost is still a comedy but it's the sort of comedy in which its characters are just talking a lot and very loud, hoping that at least some of it shall come across as something funny. It's not like this movie features any clever and witty moments in it, or truly snappy dialog. It makes this mostly ineffective as a comedy as well.

I also really don't get why movies that feature minorities often rely on racial stereotypes, more so than any other movie ever does. It's just another sign of the lacking creativity of this movie. It really all feels like some lazy film-making, that got put out there for the holiday's and to make a couple of easy, fast bucks on.

There are obviously some far better, more fun and heartfelt Christmas movies to watch out there, to say the very least.


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