Well, I have to say that surprisingly enough I enjoyed this movie better than the first Goofy movie; " A Goofy Movie". Perhaps it's true that this movie is being even more simplistic and formulaic but at the same time it's also more enjoyable!

Sure, this movie is basically nothing more but just an extended "Goof Troop" episode but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It means it features the same sort of comedy and story developments, without being ever too much in your face with any of its message or other annoying aspects. There are of course still messages to be found throughout basically this entire movie, as is the case with ever feature length Disney production but it doesn't ever really distract and feels more part of the actual story, as for instance was the case with the previous Goofy movie.

You just have to take this movie for what it is and shouldn't mind the story too much. It's just about as formulaic and predictable as you can imagine but at least it plays out well and entertaining enough for the actual movie. It's probably also because Goofy himself plays a big part in this and the movie isn't just all about Max and his adventures at college. And after all, this is not the sort of movie you should pick to death anyway, simply because it's one that's made for children and only made to give them a good time. And at this, the movie does not fail. It's well paced, has fun characters and plenty of good comical situations.

The animations are all acceptable looking. Nothing too impressive but it's Disney, so it's definitely of decent quality all. The moments that the movie actually tries to impress with its visuals are the worst looking ones, so it's a good thing for this movie that it's mostly average looking.

Definitely a fun and good enough animated movie, based off on "Goof Troop".


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