It's true this is the sort of movie that works better with a more smooth style and a bigger director and actors involved but the movie is what is it and it really isn't being anything too bad at all!

Well, it's also definitely true the movie thinks its being something more clever and important than it in fact truly is but as far as these movies go, this is not a bad attempt. Of course especially when considering this is not a big movie with a not so high budget or big studio behind it involved.

It's the sort of political thriller, in which a man gets himself involved to bring down a big company. But don't worry, that doesn't mean this movie consists out of just talking and people sitting behind desks but it really in fact is an action loaded movie as well, which sort of goes at the expense of its credibility but it at the same time also helps to make this a more pleasant movie to watch.

The story itself didn't seem solid enough anyway to carry this movie over. Like I said, it's not as clever or heavy as it pretends to be and besides never gets all too involving to follow but at least it never gets poor or ridicules. Maybe it all would had been more interesting if the story in fact got based on a true story. That way it wouldn't had only been more interesting but also would had a certain amount of gravity and importance to it, which is something this movie desperately was searching for throughout.

It also has a bit too many distractions in it as well. It features some formulaic movie stuff, all put in there to strengthen the movie its drama and gravity but it actually works against the movie, since it doesn't feel very organic to its story.

You could say this movie is a bit of a weird blend between realistic and formulaic- and forced movie elements but it still for most part works out. Not that this movie shall win any big awards or is one that stays on your mind for long but it's still a movie to have a decent 106 minutes with, when you have absolutely nothing better to do or watch.

The movie does have some big and well known names in it, such as Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker and Eva Longoria but it's still truly lacking a solid A-list actor as the movie its main character, that could had pushed this movie up a notch. Nothing against Andy Garcia but he has always been an actor who is better playing supporting roles and it's also true that his age is really starting to show by now. I didn't even recognize him at first!

It's a good enough movie, as long as your expectations for it aren't too high!


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  1. I don't think Andy Garcia has always been an actor who is better playing supporting roles. He is excellent in many movies which he played the lead role like "City Island", "Modigliani" and many more.

  2. Dude, I'm glad you made it as an IMDB reviewer, but your grasp of the English language is terrible!

  3. This film is too blatantly preachy to be convincing about the important environmental issue. The action is too Hollywood shoot-out (Every one of the many bad guys at are killed but our heroes are only grazed or bruised despite thousands of rounds flying everywhere.) That's B-movie stuff. The corporation is portrayed as a malevolent octopus, wanting to squeeze their customers into survival mode. That's a ridiculous portrayal. No real business survives by killing off their clientele, even in corrupt South America. The CIA is portrayed as an organization of heartless murderers, the usual anti-government paranoia. The suicide scene was pathetic. Sociopaths don't usually kill themselves - they don't believe they're guilty (think of Madoff).

    I certainly understand why this group of actors who all have hearts of gold (especially Garcia and Whitaker) got interested in the message, but the mediocre plot, dialogue and direction exposed it as an exagerated propaganda piece.