Of course the key to liking this movie, is to take it not too seriously. It's also so over-the-top and ridicules that I just can't imaging anyone taking this serious in the first place, though there are still plenty of people like that out there, as it appears.

It's a B-movie that is very well aware of itself and actually strives to be taken as a B-movie. Now, this is an approach that can work out but more often does not, since it's too forced and the movies are too slick looking to be taken as a B-movie. However in this case I feel like it did work out well!

Throughout the years, I have seen plenty of just plain silly mankind versus nature/animal type of movies. And as far as this sub-genre goes; this is probably one of the better movies out there, that I have seen. It's such an enjoyable film to watch that its story just simply doesn't matter and neither does all of the crazy and just stupid stuff that this movie comes up with.

But it's not like that the movie simply only goes over-the-top with its story. It also does so with some of its characters but mostly with its gore. It's an extremely gory film, that also has lots of nudity in it as well. The gore gets so extreme at points that the movie actually starts to turn into a comedy, which is one of the reasons why it also becomes such an enjoyable movie to watch.

It's also such a clich├ęd movie but because of this, the movie actually starts to turn into a spoof. The movie gets deliberately exaggerated in about every way imaginable, such as with its gore, nudity, character behavior and plot developments. When you get and recognize all of this, the movie actually becomes a much more fun movie for you to watch!

Of course when you start over-analyzing everything and look seriously at this movie, there is no way you could call this movie a great one. But not all movies are made to be great. Sometimes certain movies are just simply made for entertainment and not to win any awards or receive lots of critical praise. This movie is a perfect example of that. It's purely made for entertainment and it looks to me like the film-makers also had plenty of fun creating it.

It also must be the reason why so many big name actors make a cameo appearance in this movie. Lots of people wanted to be part of the fun and madness that got called "Piranha". Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd and Eli Roth make cameo appearances, while also big name actors such as Ving Rhames and Dina Meyer play bit parts.

It's just simple, silly, fun entertainment, that works out very well!


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