This movie works out as good entertainment but was it truly necessary and does it also adds something to the movie X-men franchise? Not enough, in my opinion.

Really, I was not opposed to the idea of a prequel/reboot for the movie series but I feel that the execution of it is lacking just a bit too much and the movie is filled with some missed opportunities and poor executions of potentially good and interesting ideas.

Don't worry, I liked this movie more than I didn't but the movie is receiving so much praise, while it in fact is still really such a lacking movie, that I feel that I should counterbalance it.

The main problem I had with this movie, concerned both the Magneto and professor X character and their relation. I never got the feeling that they were true friends, which could had given this movie and all of the other X-Men movies so much more emotional impact. Besides, I never felt that Magneto was ever a good guy. He pretty much is a rogue and dangerous person from the start on already, who never had any good or noble intentions. So it also really seems unlikely that they ever were friends in the first place, since they are driven by completely different motivations and have different goals. Their friendship should had been the key and center of this movie and something that should had been build on in future X-Men movies but the movie has far too many other distractions in it, for it to ever work out.

It to me also never felt like these two were the same characters, who also got portrayed by Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the other X-Men movies. They look nothing alike and even sound completely different. This thought constantly distracted me and prevented me from ever truly liking James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in their roles, even while in fact they are far from bad actors of course.

But yes, it's simply still an enjoyable movie for what it is. It features a decent enough script, decent characters, decent action and decent entertainment in it. nothing ever truly stands out in my opinion and the movie does has its slower and weaker moments still but overall this is one fine movie to watch, if you simply want to be entertained for a couple of hours. If you are expecting this movie to add more insightful depth or emotional impact to its characters or just the series as a whole, you are wrong. In that regard this movie really doesn't add enough to the series, though it still remains a welcome addition.

It's also a movie that does still surprise, in some ways. One thing it really surprises with is its villain. Kevin Bacon sounds like such an unlikely choice to play a villain in a superhero movie but he often was one of the highlights of the movie and simply did a good job with his role and he seemed to be having some fun with all of it as well.

Also the inclusion of the some new characters and the first introduction of some character that were already familiar to the series, all are welcome additions. Most of the characters get plenty of screen time and enough action to do, so it never really feels as if some of them simply got put into the movie to fill up the screen with or to help to make the movie long enough. They all serve a purpose and with their mutant powers they also help to make an impact with their roles, on the story.

A bit of a pointless prequel that doesn't really add enough to the franchise in my opinion but it simply remains a fun and entertaining film, with plenty of action to enjoy as well. As a superhero flick, this movie does simply not disappoint, despite all of my criticism.


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  1. I agree with most of your points and I also gave it a 7/10, but I only awarded the first X-men with an 8. My expectations (an enjoyable, silly popcorn flick with good action and decent perfomances) were met with this movie, so I was content.