This movie is a real oddity! It's original but please don't mistake it for a good movie as well.

I like '70's exploitation movies but you can't really call this movie a typical exploitation flick at all. Even though it basically features all of the ingredients of an exploitation flick in it, it has a totally different style, which makes this movie less of an exploitation flick and more of an oddity to watch.

The movie has some real serious pacing issues. It's far too long and scenes are often needlessly stretched out. It's not like it makes the movie boring but it does make it a very little exciting or involving one. I do admit though that it slows pace works out well for some of the sequences, that have some form of tension in them. But really, that's about the only thing this movie did right, in my opinion.

I seriously do believe that this movie could had been a decent one, had it been done in a more traditional way. It had a pretty good concept and some good ideas and characters in it. Besides, Millie Perkins played a pretty deranged character, that at the same time was also still being likable enough to care for.

And no, the movie is really not all that graphic too watch. It actually is being more graphic with its nudity and with some sexual implications, that also involve incest, which really is the foremost reason why this movie is still somewhat notorious for and also the reason why it became one of the video nasty's, that were banned in the UK, for a long time.

It's odd and original but I wish that I could also say it was good and recommendable.


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