This is how a crime movie should be like; great, clever, fun and original. "Nueve reinas" has all of these elements in it, making this a great movie to watch!

Really, it's a movie that deserves to be seen by more but most people have most likely never even heard about this movie, since it's an Argentinian production. This shall probably also scare a whole bunch of people off already but honestly, Latin American productions are often perfectly watchable ones and besides made in pretty much the same style as Hollywood productions. In other words; perfectly accessible to watch, even for those who aren't really accustomed to watching 'foreign' movies.

It luckily was a movie that earned lots of critical praise and got recognized by still many, all over the world, as a great movie. It makes at all the more a big shame that director Fabián Bielinsky died a couple of years after this movie, at a fairly young age. I'm convinced that this guy could had made many more great movies, like this one.

Foremost reason why this movie works out well is because it's being a fun movie to watch. Not necessarily in a comedy way but more due to the way the story progresses and how the main characters slowly but steadily get into more and more trouble, as they try to make a big score. It often gets them in some unexpected situations and ensures that the movie makes plenty of twists and turns with its story.

It's a simple movie with its setup but one that gets made slightly more complicated with developments. Not that the movie ever gets hard to follow though. Saying that it's often being clever does not mean that it's also totally going overboard with anything and the story becomes too hard or complex to follow.

It has some solid characters in it as well and the movie gets mostly carried by its two main leads, played by Ricardo Darín and Gastón Pauls. All around the movie features some good performances in it, which was also necessary, since it's actually a very talkative movie as well, once you start thinking back about it. Don't let this scare you off though, since the movie is still fast paced as well and features plenty of great developments and situations in it, that will keep you interested at all times.

A movie that deserves to be seen by more!


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