Talking about a movie that does pretty much everything wrong! Please meet "FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue"! Perhaps the absolute worst sequel of all time!

Really, there just are no redeeming qualities about this movie. The only reason why I won't give it a 1 rating is because it still has some decent animation. So out of respect for the hard working animators, I'm giving this movie an extra point but that's about as kind as I can get for this movie.

In all honesty, it still starts off OK enough. Nothing too special but it at least seemed like it was going to have a decent enough story in it. The movie however very rapidly starts to get worse and the final 30 minutes of this movie are just totally unwatchable!

The first movie already of course had an environmental message in it but this movie goes completely overboard, with its cuddly animals and its message that is too thick on top. It's incredibly annoying and I just can't see how anyone could ever enjoy this movie, not even little kids. But the worst thing about the story remains that it's completely going nowhere, after a while. It gets sidetracked and doesn't ever get back on track on time again.

The movie also features some of the absolute worst voice acting I have ever heard in an animated movie! If you are a person who thinks that it doesn't really matter who voices an animated character, you should really watch this movie! Afterward you will realize how important right casting- but also acting skills are, for a voice actor. It might have been possible that the voice actors had to do their lines, before the movie was even finished, so they had nothing to work with yet. It surely does sound that way, since the voices aren't really always corresponding with what is going on the screen and the characters don't interact very well or naturally with each other.

It's also weird to hear all of the the characters from the first movie getting voiced by some completely different people in this sequel, who don't sound at all like the original actors. This is especially notable for the Batty character, who in the first movie got voiced by THE Robin Williams.

Also the songs in this movie are some of the absolute worst ones you will ever hear! Why do animated movies actually so often feel the need to have songs in it anyway? There is no good reason for the songs to be in this movie and it's only distracting and annoying, also because it's so absolutely horrendous to listen to.

The movie gets all the more worse to watch, when it also decides to be cuddly cute. It's just too sugarcoated all and terribly forced. It makes you mad to watch, instead of warm and mellow.

Believe me, this movie is even worse than I'm making it sound already!


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