And once more here we have a movie that shows you in order to make a good and effective movie, all you need is a good script and some talented persons involved, both in front and behind the camera's. Good movies don't always need to cost a lot of money to become successful ones, both critically and financially.

This Oscar winning Canadian movie is actually a sequel to the 1986 movie "Le déclin de l'empire américain", by the same director and also mostly the same cast. But is it also necessarily to see that movie first? Not really. It doesn't matter all that much for its story, I would imaging, though it probably will give the story and some of its characters some extra depth and emotions behind them.

Thing with this movie is that you can take it as both a political movie/social commentary or simply as a drama. It all depends on how much you're reading between the lines. I for one simply took this as a drama and perhaps you have to be Canadian yourself to fully appreciate and understand everything this movie is trying to do and tell.

The one and foremost thing I got out of this movie was that its story was telling you that you can live life all the way you want but in the end it will always be your family that will comfort- and bring you true joy and pleasure in life. And in that regard, this drama also truly works out very well.

It's also because the very realistic characters. None of them are without his or hers flaws really and just like its story, nothing is ever black or white. Nothing and no one is truly good or evil and people all make their mistakes in life, no mater how good the indentation are. Yes, you could say that this is one of those movies that is basically being like a random slice of life, with realistic people and emotions in it.

The movie of course also truly thrives on its great directing approach by Denys Arcand. He handles, the drama, the comedy and basically everything else in between very well and make it a very well balanced movie with all of its many ingredients and heavy subjects. Besides that, it's a very good looking movie, with a very distinctive style as well.

Simply a good and effective movie, you can hardly say anything bad about.


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