It spells trouble when a writer of a series steps in to take over the director's seat. Don Mancini did just this but I must say, things could had turned out way worse. It's not a that well liked movie but it actually is quite fun to watch. Nothing great, just simply some good entertainment.

And that's why most people probably hate this movie. Way back, the series started out as a horror-series and Chucky was still a maniacal little killer doll. As the series progressed, it became more and more entertainment orientated and started to be less about its horror. Out of all the Child Play movies, this one is probably the least horror filled but this got replaced by some, in my opinion, good comedy.

I was actually never opposed to it that the series was heading in a more comical direction. Its main premise had always been a quite silly one to begin with, so why not make some fun with it. This movie does just that, which makes it a bit of a shame that it also feels the need to poke fun at lots of other stuff at well and turn into a bit of a parody at times. The movie really didn't needed this and it besides makes the movie a bit lame and simplistic at times. It's too often taking the far too obvious road with its comedy.

You might also complain that the movie doesn't haven enough Chucky in it. This was already sort of a problem with the previous movie; "Bride of Chucky". But I feel this got compensated with a lot of other great characters. Jennifer Tilly returns again as the voice of Tiffany doll but she's also playing herself this time, which is pretty fun. You could really say that she is the true star of the movie this time and she isn't afraid to make fun of herself or her own career. But it's not like she had much choice though. It almost seems as if she was the one that was pushing the writers to come up with another Child's Play movie, in which she would be the main star. But like I said, I don't mind. She is probably the best thing about this movie!

But an addition that does work out rather disappointing is the Glen or Glenda doll, voiced by Billy Boyd. It's the kid of Tiffany and Chucky, who got born at the end of the last movie. It just doesn't add all that much I feel and it only provides the movie with some needless side-plots. Besides, the character itself can get quite annoying at times and really doesn't have a very good look.

The Chucky and Tiffany doll on the other hand look better than ever. It's the 21th century, so the dolls all got a modern update. Their faces and expressions all look better than ever and it also seemed like more was possible to them with them this time.

And even though this really isn't a horror, that doesn't mean that Chucky and Tiffany aren't slashing away. There are plenty of killings in this one and even more blood. They really go over-the-top with it at times, which in return only adds more to the movie its comical aspects.

It's not a great movie, it's far too simplistic for that but it at least was a movie I really had some fun with!


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