As far as these sort of trashy and sleazy. soft-core productions go, this was absolutely a great and a real fun one to watch.

Of course the movie is being totally simplistic with its story and the movie is basically some total nonsense from start till finish but they at least managed to make it a very fun watch. Seriously, the movie is deliberately being more of a comedy, which was a true great approach for the movie to take with its silly concept.

It's a soft-core flick, so that means it's mostly being filled with female nudity but the sex itself is never anything explicit or something that goes too far, unless you find the premise of the movie already an offensive one to begin with. And believe me, I can see how this can offend some people. Basically the message this movie is sending out is that all cheerleaders should be seen as sex-objects and they will do ANYTHING for the team, including sleeping with the opposing team to wear them out, the day before the game. Really, sex seems to be the only thing that's on the mind of these young girls. And when they don't have a cute guy around, they use the coach, or someones father, or each other, to get their pleasures.

But key to liking this movie is to take nothing in this movie too seriously. And how could you really? It's often so silly and over-the-top, that you just can't ever take this movie seriously in any way.

It's a movie that is filled with lots of sexual innuendos and sexual orientated jokes. And I must say, the movie make me laugh quite a lot. I won't exactly say that the movie was ever being very clever with its jokes but it often was something so silly and random that it actually really works out great, comedy-wise. The timing is really spot on at times and it's actually a pretty well made and directed movie, all things considering.

Another reason why this movie just works out great and fun is because all of the girls are really fun to watch as well. I'm not just talking about it that they are pleasant and fun to look at but they also obviously had fun doing this movie, which shows on the screen and helps to make this an overall very fun experience. None of the acting is great but yet at the same time I can call it a really well cast movie because all of the girls suit their roles so very well. The movie besides did a great job at casting as many different looking girls as possible. It makes them easy to distinguish from each other and allows the movie to give each of them a more or less unique personality.

Really truly one of the most fun movies I have seen in a while.


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