(Review originally written at 12 February 2011)

Man, I don't ever try to understand these 'Tetsuo' movies anymore and simply go along for the ride. And this surely is one intense and very visually orientated ride, that I overall really enjoyed.

Once more, the budget has significantly gone up, when you compare it to the previous 2 movies and of course the original first student film that got made by Shinya Tsukamoto, before he created his first full length movie of the series. And yes, I can definitely say that this is the best looking movie out of the series. It's still very dark but it's more stylized all. It's a movie with a great style and atmosphere over it.

Yes, it's also definitely a weird movie, in which lots is happening and stuff is being left mostly to the imagination, or rather said; an actual story is hard to find. Though I must admit that out of all the movies out of the series, this one is probably making the most sense with its story but that's not saying much really. But then again, people won't watch this movie expecting a clever or provoking story. They'll expect a visual and intense experience most likely, just like I did. When you do, "Tetsuo: The Bullet Man" is a movie that won't disappoint you.

And how awesome is it that the main character of this movie is the bullet man, who shoots dozens of bullets from his body, ever time he goes into Hulk-mode. It's truly something awesome, that got done quite well visually, with some nice effects and make-up.

You can also really definitely say that Shinya Tsukamoto keeps on improving as a director, though it might be argued that this is also thanks to the higher budgets he's receiving to work with.


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