(Review originally written at 16 February 2011)

Jerry Lewis movies are often fun to watch but yet they aren't really the most consistent ones. That is also really the case with this movie. It's really entertaining and has some truly hilarious moments in it as well but it also has a weak story and some weak story-telling.

The movie starts of so well and promising but it runs out of steam about half way through. The movie starts to drag at points and it also start to repeat itself. This is all really due to the story, which consists of one great premise but is lacking in true development or a compelling enough story, to keep you involved with its characters. Now days this movie wouldn't even work at all, not in the very least due to the fact that it's about a college professor falling for one of his students. It's also the reason why in the 1996 Eddie Murphy movie version of this movie they changed the love interest in a teacher as well, instead of a student.

But despite all of the complaints I have about this movie, it was still one that I enjoyed watching throughout. Some of the comical moments are nothing short of great and as a whole the movie remains still a perfectly entertaining one.

Jerry Lewis is really great but above all things also really convincing as two totally different persons within this movie; A very nerdy professor and a slick, smooth talking womanizer. Both characters are the complete opposite of each other and they don't even look the same, which not due to any make-up but simply due to Lewis' interpretation of the two characters. I also really liked Del Moore in his role, which was very entertaining as well.

A movie that is great to watch for some laughs but one that is still very lacking at its story and story-telling department.


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