(Review originally written at 11 February 2011)

This movie really starts off promising alright but the movie in the end is being still a slightly disappointing one, with its eventual end result.

I just didn't liked what and where the story was heading to. I was really interested at first, when the story grabs you with its original mystery but soon the story starts to go downhill, due to the direction it's starting to take with its story. At first the movie makes you go; that's interesting! But in the end it makes you go; who cares! In that regard "The Last Wave" is being a slightly disappointing movie. The movie just doesn't do a very great job with keeping your interest, which is also due to the, at times, messy storytelling. Lots of things don't get resolved, or explained properly enough.

Still it's a movie that deserves lots of credits. Even though the story doesn't always work out and doesn't manage to be an interesting one throughout, it's still a very original and refreshing one. This is definitely a one of a kind movie, that balances somewhere between a more art-house type of movie and a regular '70's thriller/mystery.

The movie also does work out refreshing due to its settings. This is an Australian movie, that is also being set in Australia. So next to its 'change' of settings, the movie also features some different from Hollywood type of characters. Aboriginals also play a large role within this movie and mainly so does their culture.

The movie gets for most part carried by its leading man, Richard Chamberlain. He does a great job at it. He has never been an actor that has broken through big time but he basically is a guy that does a great job with any type of role that he plays.

It's a movie that I have some mixed feelings about but still, overall the positive and original aspects of this movie outweigh its negative and less successful sides.


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