(Review originally written at 20 October 2008)

Who would had ever known that this obscure little unknown horror comedy would be such a fun one to watch!

This is a real enjoyable horror spoof, from the period before spoofs even became popular. The movie is so silly with its comedy that it becomes really hilarious to watch in parts. The movie is filled with some crazy but real likable characters and some really well written comical dialog, which perhaps made me laugh the most.

It's strange watching this obviously low budget production from Paramount Pictures, with obviously not the most talented or experienced people involved, both in front as well as behind the camera. It actually turned out that the reason why this movie got made in the first place was because that at the time there was a writer's strike in Hollywood (yes, it's not just something of the present) and in order to still release some movies and gain some money, Paramount Pictures funded a couple of non-union films, of which this was one. So under any other normal circumstances this movie would had probably never been made. It really looks and feels like an amateur made film but this is obviously also part of the reason why this movie has grown into becoming such a cult-classic in certain circles over the years.

It's a real silly comedy, made in the same style as some present day popular genre comedies. So yes in a way "Student Bodies" seems really ahead of its time. The movie features mostly simple humor to enjoy and the movie obviously isn't one to take serious in any way.

The movie spoofs some horror classics in parts but "Student Bodies" can still mostly seen as an original production with a story of its own. Well's not like it's anything too great written. The movie is kept simple at all times. Unfortunately the movie sort of starts 'loosing it' toward the end. It's a real shame, since to me it prevented this movie from being a true 'must-see' and it made it quite embarrassingly bad to watch when the story seems to be suddenly all over the place.

The movie is filled with some crazy and really funny characters but of course the one that really stands out is Malvert the janitor, played by a guy only known as The Stick. It's an amazingly odd man who is very tall and a little over one hundred pounds, so you can imaging a bit how he looks like. He's incredibly sluggish and moves around like he's made out of elastic and has no bones in his body. No one knows who this guy is, or what is real name is or what he's doing this present day and time.

The rest of the actors are also all big unknowns, with the exception of Richard Belzer, although he is never shown on screen, at least not his face (he plays the killer, known as The Breather, for the obvious reasons). He's a real cult actor due to his personality and the knowledge of his presence alone in this movie is already amusing.

Despite not being brilliant I can still really recommend this movie and can insure you that it's a real hilarious one in a lot of parts.


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