(Review originally written at 21 October 2008)

This is one of the fist feature length Disney animated movies and after all those years it also still is among one of the most classic and adorable ones.

"Pinocchio" is a real adorable movie to watch, mostly due to its likable characters. Basically every character within this movie is a great and classic one. 

I especially really liked the truly adorable little kitten Figaro. But of course also the Pinocchio character himself is a real classic and one of the most adorable ones ever created by Disney. I mean, whenever you hear the name Pinocchio you immediately think about the Disney Pinocchio don't you? But besides Pinocchio also Jiminy Cricket and Geppetto have grown into becoming some real classic characters.

The movie its first halve is mostly fun and cheerful and features some nice comical moments as well. The second halve of the movie is more dark of tone and a bit more serous, though the movie luckily never looses its sense of fun and entertainment.

I never really have been a too big fan of the movie its second halve. Probably because its too dark and serious of tone. Especially the movie its final part with Monstro doesn't really feel quite consistent with the rest of the movie. The first halve is mostly light and fun and enjoyable as you would expected from a Disney movie. But then again all earliest Disney movies have some more heavy and serious elements in it. Just look at the first ever long Disney animated movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" which was actually quite dark at the times and even a bit horror like. Same also goes for "Pinocchio". 

In all honesty, as weird as it might sound, but no way Disney would make an animated movie such as this one again. It's simply too scary and serious in parts.

It's quite strange but the entire story in general actually doesn't connect well. I mean right the next day after Pinnochio had been brought to life by the Blue Fairy, Geppetto sends him to school and the movie is filled with story elements like that. The story often makes some very sudden leaps and there actually is very little interaction between Pinocchio and his 'father' Geppetto. Yet there relationship and basically everything else within this movie works out so well. It's simply Disney magic and these 'old' Disney movies just basically can do no wrong for me.

Perhaps the only problem I have with these 'old' early Disney movies is its voice cast. While watching this movie again lately I couldn't help wondering of the movie actually wouldn't had been a better one if it had used some more well known actors to provide the movie its characters with their voices. It's probably because 'voice-actor' wasn't a real profession yet at the time and cartoons were not something credible enough to lend your voice to that the early Disney movies often use some unknown actors. It really sounds as if they were simply picked off the street and I truly feel that some big acting names could had brought the movie to an even higher level.

The animations, as always, look good and it actually is impressive to watch these 'old' Disney animated then the newer ones, knowing how basic this movies got made, without the help of computers and anything like that. It's some real authentic craftsmanship and it also in no way looks outdated now days.

It's also an early Disney movie to feature more than a couple of songs in it, though they are actually only present in the movie its first halve. The songs are all quite nice, of which 'When You Wish Upon A Star', performed by Cliff Edwards, is of course the most classic and memorable one.

A real early Disney classic and still perfectly watchable to everyone, after all those years.


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