(Review originally written at 17 October 2008)

What Eli Roth always does well with his horror movies is using all of the usual horror clichés but he still knows to deliver the in a refreshing and original way. 

It's the reason why his movies still work out surprising, despite following the usual and expected formula. In a way he is also always subtly making fun of all the genre clichés but without becoming ridicules or a spoof.

What Eli Roth also always does well is implying a lot of things but is then turning 180 degrees and starts heading in a totally different and unexpected direction. For instance you might be expecting this movie to turn into a typical teenage slasher genre flick, which it really doesn't. It takes a whole different other approach with its horror, which I wont spoil. Yes, it's true that it doesn't always the most exciting movie to watch and it's a bit slow at times when basically nothing is happening in the movie. So I can understand the people who did not liked this movie very much. I however did liked it due to Eli Roth's approach of the genre. He's a real horror fan who just happens to be good at making movies as well. He understands and loves the genre and this always shows well in his movies.

It's also a really gory made movie, as as well can be expected from Eli Roth. The movie was a fairly cheap one to made with its $1,500,000 budget but movies like this proof that you don't need a lot of things or a big bundle of money to make a good and effective genre movie with. The movie is exaggerating with its gore at times, which is really in tone with the rest of the movie its style. It's a special kind of style not just all people will just 'get' and appreciate but it's what makes Eli Roth such a special young new director to me. I'll hope he'll direct many more movies, even though this movie is by no means a brilliant one it's a special one nevertheless.

You'll either probably hate it or love it but you should at least give it a try.


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