(Review originally written at 27 October 2009)

This WW II movie got made during WW II and was of course part of the American propaganda machine to boost the morales. Quite a few movies like this got made at the time and strangely enough they were also made often entertaining to watch, by featuring an adventurous story and plenty of action.

Even though this movie obviously suffers from some of its overly present propaganda aspects, it above all remains a real good and foremost also entertaining movie to watch.

The movie shows to fight and never give up, even when all odds are against you. Propaganda, though the subject also gets handled in even much older history already, so the entire movie and its story don't work out entirely unlikely. The propaganda aspects that do somewhat distract though is that it always shows the allies as extremely good guys, who treat the prisoners right and fully live by the codes of war, while the Axis are lying cheating bad guys who shoot you in the back when they are given a chance.

What makes the movie mostly great to watch is its simple story, that restrains the entire movie to the Sahara desert and focuses on a group of Allied soldiers (mostly consisting out of Americans though of course) who get stuck in the desert at a ruin that holds the few drops of water left in the vicinity. They decide to stick around to fight of an entire German battalion who are thirsty for water. It's a great simply story that calls on some basic primitive emotions and instincts of manhood. Guess its a real guys movie, that holds plenty of action in it and always has this adventurous feel over it, due to its light and more more entertaining approach of things.

The movie has some good actors in it, though it of course is mostly being the Humphrey Bogart show. He plays the main character and hero of the movie, as an average Joe who is sergeant of a tank unit. It's of course not the greatest performance he ever put down but it was nice to see him in a more action type of role.

A great simple, yet spectacular and entertaining WW II production, part of the American war effort to support the troops and to show the people back home the importance and meaning of the boys fighting overseas.


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