(Review originally written at 27 October 2009)

This movie is like a poor mans "Basic Instinct", that tries to be an erotic thriller but just doesn't ever quite works out well as one. "Basic Instinct" inspired a lot of movies like this during the early '90's but none ever reached the same level of brilliance.

For a thriller it just isn't a solidly enough written one. Its story is quite predictable really and it's build on some unlikely plot lines and developments. The movie therefore also never gets tense to watch and its soft erotic elements also don't exactly help to make the movie any more exciting, despite the presence of Pamela Anderson at her prime.

Pamela Anderson had only just got fame for her "Baywatch" role at time she was starring in this movie. It's a serious acting attempt from her, in a more serious role and movie but luckily she soon discovered for herself that she just wasn't made for this sort of stuff. Now days he is mostly appearing in cameo comedy roles. None of the actors really impress to within this movie, which is more likely due to the quality of the script and the capacity of the director as well, who is mostly responsible for directing lots of Power Ranger episodes and movies. Every now and then he tries a serious directing attempt but he has yet to succeed really.

The movie is mostly being a dull and dragging one, which is due to its predictable script for most part. Also the visual look of the movie makes it look more like a made for TV movie but this is something more '90's movies suffer from.


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