(Review originally written at 27 October 2009)

This is the first movie out of the franchise that got made without the involvement of the Waynes brothers. This time the movie is being directed by David Zucker, one of the men who basically invented and perfected the spoof genre. He has however lost his touch a bit the last couple of years, even though his movies still always contain more than a couple of hilarious moments, this movie included.

I must say that this was my least favorite out of the series so far. It doesn't has so much to do with the humor itself of the movie but more with the handling of the story and characters this time. I think that the movie made a mistake by not restraining itself by purely spoofing horror movies but also tons of other movies this time. It gives the movie a more of an Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer feeling and quality at times, which just isn't the best. The movie can't really seem to decide if it wants to continue on the same way as the previous two movies did, or to take a whole different direction. It makes the end result a rather mixed one. Yes, the movie is still being funny to watch but movie-wise it just isn't a very well executed one.

The movie introduces mostly some new characters but yet it also decide to feature characters from the previous movies. I feel that the movie would had worked out better if it would had just left out the characters from the first two movies and had just purely focused on the new ones, since they were obviously good and fun enough to carry the movie on their own. Now you more or less have two movies and story-lines, on which one focuses on some of the old characters from the first two movies, while the other is purely about the new ones. They try to connect the different story lines to each other by blending them in with each other but this just never works out very well.

Charlie Sheen is the main new big man of the movie. He plays a large part and shows that he still knows how to do a comedy. Also Leslie Nielsen returns into a David Zucker movie again, as the American president. When he's given the right material Nielsen is of course still quite hilarious, though he's starting to age pretty fast now, as became obvious in this movie.

Still a fun movie to watch but also more a mess than the previous two movies were.


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