(Review originally written at 28 May 2010)

The first movie was a slasher, the second one a supernatural horror movie, the third more of a comedy and this one is a...well I don't even know what it really is but point is that the Prom Night-series isn't exactly the most consistent one. All movies have basically very little to do with each other but even worse is that none of them are really good ones.

Guess when you have to place this movie under one particular genre it would be the slasher-genre. Only problem is that we know who the killer is, so this doesn't do much for the movie its tension. It just doesn't really follow the rules of a good slasher and therefore the movie doesn't even feel at all like its being a slasher. Did the film-makers even knew what they were making? I highly doubt it, judging by looking at this movie.

The movie is a pretty messy one with its story. The killer and his 'motivations' are just weak and not really explained enough to make you understand why on Earth he is after those kids who are messing around inside an old abandoned, desolated mansion. Man, I just really couldn't care for anything that was happening in this movie with its story, also not in the least because it was all occurring in such an extremely formulaic way. The movie is not surprising or exciting at all to watch, though its granted that there are also far worse genre movies to watch out there.

The acting is quite weak and none of the characters are really likable enough. Just a bunch of students trying to get into each others pants and drinking liquor in between. Also nothing too new about this of course, which should also give you an overall impression of how formulaic the rest of the movie is being like.

Nothing new but above all things also nothing great in this movie.


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