(Review originally written at 28 May 2010)

Simply said, I enjoyed watching this movie better than its two predecessors. It therefore also was a better movie, even though this one is also far from an exciting one. It also really ain't a great movie but at least it knew how to be fun.

Thing with this movie is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. It has a kind of campy '80's horror atmosphere all over it, even though this movie got released in 1990. I would say it's more of a comedy than an horror really. Not a great one but a fun enough one to watch nevertheless.

The fact that this movie is more entertaining to watch really is the only reason why I liked this movie better than the first two movies. Nothing else about this really lets the movie stand out. Poor acting, poor directing and predictable all the way, without offering any surprises or originality. But you can just never expect too much from a straight-to-video sequel of course. It's far from an interesting movie to watch and there also is not always a lot happening in it. Especially for the fans of horror this movie will fall short and perhaps the movie could had used some more gore it.

Really nothing too great but at least its being somewhat fun.


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