(Review originally written at 29 May 2010)

No, I couldn't hate this movie but on the other hand it also clearly wasn't made for me. It's perhaps a movie some females can still recognize themselves in, till some extend at least. For me it was just hard to identify with the characters and all of her weird, sexual orientated, fantasies.

It's a movie about a young 14 year old girl (played by an 21 year old by the way) who has obviously started to hit puberty and is about to discover her sexuality. She starts experimenting a bit and we get to see all of her fantasies, that are being put very straight-forward to the screen. It means that the movie features plenty of full frontal female and male nudity but also some really disgusting scenes, as the little girl is really having some dirty thoughts and fantasies. Pissing, puking, worms...should I say more? But then again it's not supposed to be a movie obviously that is supposed to turn you on. It's merely a look into the thoughts and fantasies of a girl who is about to discover her sexual identity for the first time. I really don't think this movie could had been made by a male director. It takes a woman to be able to get into a young girls mind and translate and brings to the screen all of the thoughts and feelings she might be having at that certain period in her life. I admire the movie for what it does and attempts to do but as a male, it just wasn't all that appealing or throughout interesting to me.

As you wouldn't had guessed it already, this movie is being an art-house type of movie. Nothing too heavy, although some of the sequences might still be shocking to some people, since it has some explicit nudity and some gross out moments in it. But it's at least not a movie that is full of itself and tries too desperately to be an arty and creative one, by putting in lots of symbolism and sequences that run overlong.

Still you feel that the movie could had done way more with its subject. It could at least had made it a bit more interesting to watch. At times now I was really thinking 'why am I even watching this'. Not that it's boring though, the movie was also too short for that but it's also really a movie I could easily had done without.

If you are female you might still get something out of this movie and recognize yourself in some parts of the movie or its main character, though I still somewhat doubt this. Else females are way more dirty than males if this is the case.


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