(Review originally written at 10 October 2009)

Thing about this 5th A Nightmare on Elm Street entry is that it has some incredibly bad writing. The story is all over the place and it jump so sudden from the one event to the other. The one moment a person has died and 2 sequences later the group of friends is already acting as if nothing had ever happened. It isn't a very consistent movie and the story is written more like and half hour "Beverly Hills, 90210" episode, with some horrible cheesy dialog.

A shame really, because the movie has a nice opening and the movie starts off promising as an horror movie. Unlike some of the previous A Nightmare on Elm Street movie entries this one is actually being like an horror movie. The movie does have some effective genre moments in it and also some decent gore and effects.

Stephen Hopkins is no bad director and he's a well known name but he's simply giving some weak source material to work with. This was his first big movie and after this one he was given the opportunity to direct another sequel to a successful movie, "Predator 2".

The movie again features Lisa Wilcox as Alice Johnson, a character who had appeared in the previous "A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master". Still I feel that the movie would had been better with a fresh start and new characters, since her reappearance doesn't seem fully necessary, since all the characters in this movie could had also simply been some new ones, without changing much to the story.

Freddy Krueger's part luckily seems to be bigger again and Robert Englund plays the character with lots of joy and passion once more. Krueger is such a fine maniacal character, with also lots of dark humor in him.

Really not among the best movie out of the series.


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