(Review originally written at 9 October 2009)

For a third movie in an horror franchise, this movie is simply a surprisingly great one. Of course it's not as good as the first, mostly because of the reason that it doesn't has the same originality and freshness over it but the movie remains a perfectly watchable one.

I have always liked "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors". It's perhaps the only sequel in the long running franchise that is actually solidly written and is also being original, along with the 7th part "New Nightmare".

The story also really works out due to its nice settings and also good characters involved. The movie isn't just simply written as an horror movie set at an haunted mansion, the horror is made more psychological, when the movie for most part gets set at a psychiatric institution. The horror mostly involves its characters and their fears for their dreams, in which Freddy Krueger shows up, at night. The writing doesn't simply rely on the standard shock and gore effects but actually spends more time on its story-telling and development, which works refreshing and effective.

The movie also had the good fortune that it had some good casting involved. Heather Langenkamp reprises her role from the first movie and of course Robert Englund is also present again as Freddy Krueger, who's past and origin also gets developed more this time. Further more the movie also features some young yet-to-be-stars, such as Patricia Arquette and Laurence Fishburne. Patricia Arquette actually made her screen-debut with this movie.

What makes the movie also great to watch are its effects. Normally special effects and horror don't blend in very well with each other but in this case it truly adds to the horror and overall feeling of the movie. For 1987 some of the effects are simply good looking, though by todays standards it's certainly a bit outdated to watch.

Really a good movie within the series and its genre.


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