(Review originally written at 10 October 2009)

You can say what you want but this is simply a fun movie to watch. It's the first A Nightmare on Elm Street movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. It has as a result that "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" is often a silly movie to watch but at the same time that's what making this movie so fun and watchable.

This change is definitely a step up for the series. The last previous sequels were starting to go downhill pretty fast. This movie changes that around and opened the door for some new fresh opportunities for the series.

It's obvious that they tried to reboot the series again with this movie. Instead of simply naming this A Nightmare on Elm Street 6 they gave it a different name to make obvious this movie would be a fresh start and pick a different approach from its predecessors. It's also a nice move that instead of simply having teenage characters in it, the movie also uses some more adult roles within the movie. It also has some well known actors such as Yaphet Kotto in it and Tom Arnold, Rosanne Barr, Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in some small cameo appearances. It also features a young Breckin Meyer in his theatrical movie debut.

Story-wise the movie isn't anything too special but still it's better written than some of the previous sequels in the long running successful series, that evolve around the maniacal Freddy Krueger. This movie also does a good job at revealing a bit more of Krueger's past, before he became he maniacal dream killer. The movie and its story also definitely get better as it progresses. The second halve of the movie for instance is significantly better than the first, that is still mostly being formulaic for its series.

Krueger has always played some strange games with his victims in their dreams but this time it really goes over-the-top. The movie even becomes a bit slapstick like at times, which works out rather nice though.

I liked this movie.


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