(Review originally written at 30 May 2009)

Judging by looking at this movie, the film-makers must have thought they had gold. The original source material seemed good enough to create and interesting and deep thought provoking sci-fi movie with. I seemed however like they had no idea how to handle its concept properly. Instead they threw in some adventure and lame action to make the movie a good and interesting one but the end result is far from satisfying.

It's an obviously cheaply made movie, with low production values, which can be seen back in its small sets and the unimaginative look of the overall movie, which is especially disappointing for a movie of its sort. Yes you can call this a typical straight to DVD B-movie.

What makes the movie all the more worse are the acting performances. Some people should just never be allowed to work in the movie business. This movie does really have some untalented people uttering their lines in front of the camera in it. The movie still has David Carradine though, which always adds some pleasure to any movie.

The movie is just never any exciting or spectacular to watch. The movie could had raised some thought provoking elements and themes but at fails at every attempt to do so. The action and more adventurous elements of the movie are also far from good enough to still consider this movie a watchable one.

The story is being told too messy and without any imagination really. Seems like director Gwyneth Gibby has no passion for the genre really and also certainly no experience in it.

There really is no reason why you should ever watch this clumsy little movie.


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