(Review originally written at 30 May 2009)

What this movie makes mostly great and unique is its story. Movies like this are quite often all somewhat more of the same. The story of "Laura" however picks some interesting and original approaches, which lets also the twists of the story work out better and far more surprising than normally is the case with a genre movie like this from the '40's.

The movie is labeled as a film-noir but mystery-thriller would be a more appropriate title. Although the movie shows some film-noir tendencies it's also lacking in some fundamental themes to truly consider this to be a film-noir, by the book.

The story is great and is being told nicely throughout the movie. The movie isn't dragging in any parts and it all times keeps flowing well. It is also thanks to the characters and actors portraying them that the story remains interesting at all times.

It's a well cast movie, with yet some unlikely cast actors in it. Clifton Webb was a silent movie actor, who hadn't acted in any movie for 14 years prior to this movie. Yet he convinces in the movie and he even received an Oscar nomination for his role. The movie also features a still very young Vincent Price, who also is almost unrecognizable, due to his still very young looks. It was one of his earlier movie roles and his trademark little mustache was still missing. Only his voice at times gives away that we are dealing with Vincent Price here. .

The movie is stylish with its directing and atmosphere. It isn't as stiff as often is the case with a genre movie like this. It has some nice cinematography, for which it also won an Oscar.

Well, it still isn't exactly the greatest genre movie I have ever seen but nevertheless the fact that this movie is being original with its story and angles still make "Laura" a classic within its genre and one that certainly deserves to be seen.


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