(Review originally written at 25 May 2009)

This is a Woody Allen I wouldn't mind seeing more. It's a kind of an absurd and surrealistic comedy, set in the future. The comedy is done in the same style as the earlier Allen movie "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask". I surely wouldn't had minded it if Allen had done some more movies such as this one during his career.

The movie is basically the one absurd situation after the other. It's concept, that puts the entire movie in the future of the year 2173, provides the movie with plenty of material for the movie its comical situations. The movie is often absurd and quite simplistic but it makes it all the more fun to watch it all.

Allen shows his true comedy talent with this movie, in which he plays his character perhaps in a Charlie Chaplin kind of way. The movie also often has some slapstick moments in it, which works out well for the overall tone of the movie.

The movie is just a bit too simplistic with its story though for my taste. It relies purely on its silliness and not really on any development. Like I said before, the movie is basically the one comical situation after the other but without much story to it. I wished the movie is more like a whole at times and would had put some more effort in its main plot-line. The movie its comedy itself is quite strong enough alone to carry the entire movie. And nor is Allen's acting, that is fun but is not quite yet the typical style we know from him.

The movie is good looking though, with its fine looking futuristic sets and costumes, that are often looking ridicules but that of course was exactly the point of it. It was fun to see how in 1973 they would thought the distant future would look like.

A fun silly comedy, that is watchable for everyone, even when you're not a Woody Allen fan.


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  1. Sleeper is more silly than funny. There are some good laughs here, but not enough. This early Woody Allen effort is a real disappointment.