(Review originally written at 3 August 2008)

Of course I'm fond of British humor and comedies but problem with this movie is that it's a British comedy that tries to be like an American Hollywood teenage comedy, filled with all of the usual clich├ęs.

The movie is about two extreme teenage losers, played by a couple of actors who are closer to their forties than their teens, who are desperately looking for sex. Sounds familiar? Of course it does! It's basically the subject that got handled in many different teenage comedies before. Maybe with as one big difference that "Kevin & Perry Go Large" goes way more over-the-top.

I must say that the fact that the movie and it's humor is so extremely lame and over-the-top, makes the movie actually still somewhat watchable. It's a movie that's mostly embarrassing to watch but because of it's extreme lameness also becomes strangely entertaining to watch still.

It's by no means a great made movie though. The directing and storytelling is really severely lacking at times. Who knows, maybe, just maybe the movie would had been a better one to watch with a more experienced movie comedy director at the helm. At times the story just really doesn't flow and some plot elements and characters just don't work out because of that.

Perhaps the funniest thing about this movie still remains that one of the male losers characters is not being played by a male but in fact by a woman. Quite amusing once you figure this out or learn about this afterward. Who did they do this? I really wouldn't know. Probably they had difficulties finding two ugly enough male actors to play the role rightfully, so they casted a woman in the part instead.

And seriously, what's with all these comedies lately that are making fun of Germans? Not that I mind, since I always find this very amusing but it just seems odd that this is mostly a thing that's something of these past 10 years. Some other recent examples of this are "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story", "Balls of Fury" and I'm of course forgetting many more. Seems like something that only got featured before in Mel Brooks movie but recently has become a really popular issue again.

A just still mildly amusing movie because of its silliness.


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