(Review originally written at 4 August 2008)

So what was Kevin Spacey thinking? Seems to me he was hoping for a successful re-has of "Glengarry Glen Ross". the end result however really isn't as good, due to its very uninteresting writing.

Problem with this movie is really its story. It's just not interesting enough. This movie would had been a great one if it actually was about something. The movie doesn't have some life lessons in it and the movie and its story are more aimed toward the characters and actors portraying them The movie also isn't really a character movie though. For that we just never got to know the characters good enough. The movie remains with its characters and emotions pretty much on the surface.

It's a movie that got made in a very stagy way. It's also based on a play in fact and it features the type of dialog and slow progressing story you could expect from it. It's also a movie that gets set at mostly one location. Normally I'm never a too big fan of this but there are some successful movies who use this approach as well, as for instance the earlier mentioned "Glengarry Glen Ross" but also the John Huston classic "Key Largo" and the Dutch movie example "Cloaca".

Nevertheless it's a movie that becomes good to watching thanks to its acting. Danny DeVito is really good but truly great is Kevin Spacey, though his character in the movie is still the least well developed one. We never fully get to understand his character and he seems to have many different faces, which also doesn't particularly makes his character a likable one.

It's a movie that I enjoyed watching, mostly thanks to its acting but it's not one I really liked very much though. Only really recommendable to the true fans of Kevin Spacey or Danny DeVito.


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