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Since John Kramer and his apprentice Amanda are now truly death, the movie is more about who is the new Jigsaw now. Not that this makes the movie bad or anything but it obviously diverse a little from the Saw concept, as best got featured in part I and III.

The Saw franchise is never afraid to kill off its main characters, with as a result that each movie remains unpredictable to watch again. New characters get constantly introduced all the time and even those who died in previous Saw movies can return in its sequels, since the movie often use flashbacks, as does this movie. The movie more goes into detail why John Kramer became Jigsaw and more ingenuously as it turns out in the end- "Saw III" and "Saw IV" are two interconnect movies.

Perhaps best thing about the entire Saw franchise is that are of the movies are genuinely tense to watch, or at least in some parts of them. Its ingenuous writing also always makes sure that the movie offers plenty of surprises. Even though all of Saw movies are of course more or less the same, each movie is still original and great to watch in his own way. This is the reason why the Saw franchise still has more than anything potential- and is interesting enough to provide plenty of more movies. Part V and VI are already in development and why should they be the last of them? Because all of the Saw movies are so cheap to make and cost so little time to shoot (as of yet this is the most expensive Saw movie with its $10,000,000 budget) and all of the movie continue on making so much money all over the world, it's also likely that many more Saw movies will get made.

The games still continue in this movie. The gruesome deathtrap games the Saw franchise is so well known and appreciated for. So even though this movie takes a slightly different approach it still features plenty enough gore and other hard to look at moments. Hard because they are so stomach turning. In other words, there is plenty to enjoy for the Saw fans in this one. The traps are as gruesome and complex as ever. Seriously, how can people come up with this stuff?

It's the first Saw movie that didn't got written by Leigh Whannell or any of the other persons involved with the previous 3 Saw movies. Nevertheless, the story feels just as ingenuously written as any of the Saw movies and its done in the same style, with all of the twists and one big main twist at the ending again.

It's also shot in the very same fast style as the previous Saw movies, which is no big surprise since this movie got also directed by Darren Lynn Bousman again, who also directed the previous two Saw entries.

Still the series feel like it could use some fresh blood again. With a new Jigsaw and different directors at helm for the future Saw projects, it looks like the franchise is going for some fresh new changes to keep the Saw franchise original as well as interesting. I have confidence in it that the future movies can be just as good and original as any of the previous 4 Saw entries.


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