Guess this could had been much worse movie but it still isn't one that I could recommend to this everybody. It's a typical science-fiction movie from the '50's, in which aliens with their flying saucers are invading the world. It's up to the Americans to stop them and safe the day with their advanced weaponry and technology. Yes, you could say that this is some cold war propaganda from the United States, whether or not this was intended as such.

Lots of crazy and just plain silly stuff is happening in this movie. No questions are being asked and the army just starts blasting away when the first flying saucer and aliens start to appear. No wonder the aliens were being angry with us. It's also silly how the movie is attempting to take a scientific and rational approach to things while all that leads up to is resolving the conflict with violence, rather than dialog, even though the aliens seemed very much open to this. It also often amazes me how in these sort of movies there just never really seems to be a sense of danger or surprise. People more or less are taking it for granted that flying saucers are appearing out of nowhere and there doesn't seem to be any real panic neither, not even when they start blasting buildings and people away with their highly advanced weapons.

But it still is more of a good movie than a bad one really. The movie at least manages to be entertaining throughout. It's a pretty short movie, which also means that the action kicks in almost immediately. And its action is really what is keeping this movie mostly a good one to watch. The special effects are of course heavily outdated but I still enjoyed them for what they were. They provided the movie with plenty of explosions, mostly of well known American landmarks. I also liked the variety of the many different sort of effects used. Miniatures, stop-motion, archive footage of real explosions, mattes, it all gets used in this movie. These sort of effects help to provide this movie with the certain type of required charm, these old fashioned sci-fi movies from the '50's often have.

Just don't pay too much attention to the story though. It's not just silly but also really something that brings down the movie. The forces the movie to take a not so interesting approach and also tells the story from the point of view from some not so interesting people, though this can be also blamed on the stiff acting.

Still good enough to watch for its action moments.


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