Always seems strange and so amazing to me that cheap sequels which got shot back-to-back can be so totally different in style and tone, as well as quality. This movie got shot along with its other sequel "Ginger Snaps: Unleashed", which also wasn't a great movie but it at least was still one that took on the same approach as the first original movie, while this movie seems to be an entirely different one on its own, which just happen to feature the same two main characters of the other two movies.

Yes, so I understand this movie is meant as a prequel to the first two movies but that doesn't really explain why it features the same two main characters, even though the movie is being set almost 200 years before the events of the first movie. Seemed to me that somebody had seen "Ravenous" and decided that their next Ginger Snaps movie should be just like it. Big difference however is that "Ravenous" is a great and also original movie, that works well, while "Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning" just isn't.

The first two movies were still being somewhat 'clever' and original with its metaphors and approach to its themes, while this movie seems to be written as a straight-forward werewolf. And not even a very good or exciting one. The movie has a few too many slow moments and its story just really doesn't seem to head anywhere. After a while I wasn't even following anymore what it was all about since it got told in such a boring and uninteresting way. I just couldn't understand any of the character's motivations and it didn't helped very much that the dialog in this movie was incredibly bad and annoying, which also made the acting seem bad.

I also just hated it how all of the characters were handling the whole situation. It was incredibly annoying how people in the fort were being dark and mysterious about the whole situation and talking without saying anything, while you as the viewer already know what is going on and quite frankly there is no real reason for the refugees to not just be straight-forward with the truth toward the Fitzgerald-sisters. It would had saved everybody so much trouble.

The Fitzgerald-sisters always had been some strong female characters, while in this movie they are mostly just being girls. All they seem to do is looking big eyed, with their mouths open and breathing heavily, being scared all the time of everything and everyone. So suddenly they aren't the compelling strong female leads anymore, which I think, should be the most disappointing aspect for the fans of this movie-series.

The movie is good looking, nevertheless and also has some nice make-up effects in it, though they get used far too little. It's because there is hardly anything ever happening in the movie and when it does, it's too dark or you have already started to loose interest in things, so it can't safe this movie from mediocrity.

Not really worth watching in my opinion.


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