Despite the fact that everything about this movie screams low-budget, it is one that works out surprisingly effective and original.

Actually a bit of a miracle that this movie still exists and is also still easily available and a much seen film. Amazing, since this movie is obviously very low budget and most likely never got a proper release anywhere, back when the movie got done. The camera-work and editing all make it obvious that you're dealing with a low-budget production, that got put together by some not so much experienced persons, within the business. And the same can be said for all of its acting really. No, there really aren't any impressive performances within this movie but yet none of this matters too much, since the movie still manages to be an amazingly great one. In that regard this movie is perhaps very comparable to other low budget genre classics such as George A. Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" and the first "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", even though of course they are part of an entirely different horror sub-genres.

The movie is all about its atmosphere and its mysterious build-up. It's a dark movie, mostly because it also got entirely shot in atmospheric black & white. It works well for the movie its story, which is a real horror mystery, that does a good job at remaining both tense and mysterious throughout. Though I must say that this present day none of the themes handled in this movie still come across as anything original and you can also guess what the 'twist' of the movie is, pretty early on. But I can definitely imaging this movie would had been something really new and unseen back during its original release. It's unlike any other horror/mystery from the '60's really, which is all due thanks to its well written and constructed story.

It's a great eerie little movie, that becomes one through its fine atmosphere and its great visual moments and little film-making tricks, that also provides the movie with some unforgettable strong and striking sequences.


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