(Review originally written at 20 August 2008)

It's as easy as 1 + 1 = 2. This movie features a ridiculous concept and therefor the movie as a whole is a ridiculous one to watch. The title "Danny the Dog" should already say enough. Beats me why these fine actors ever agreed to appear in this movie.

No, I seriously didn't hated watching this movie but I can't really understand either why so many people love this movie. Yes, well it is a different and original movie but its concept just doesn't ever make me take this movie seriously. The movie tries to blend material arts action with serious drama. It could had worked out and it does work out in several other, mainly Asian, movies but I didn't found the story of this movie to be gripping and believable and therefor it just didn't worked out for me.

Two persons are taking Danny in their home and they don't seem to find it strange at all that he doesn't speak much and doesn't know and understand much of our world. Instead of finding out what happened to him and or where he comes from and don't notify the right authorities, like any other normal person in such a situation would do, they feed him and care him and take the time to learn him things about everything in the world and emotions and feelings. They adopt him like a son and brother, even though they know nothing about him.

The movie begins fine and stylish but as soon as the drama and serious plot line of the movie kicks in the movie becomes quite dreadful to watch. After an hour it starts to take up pace again and the movie begins to get better to watch again when the action starts to kick in again. Louis Leterrier is obviously a capable action director as he also showed "The Incredible Hulk". This movie was his directorial debut, after working as assistant director in several big productions before. I must say that he could had done a lot worse directing wise. It's not the movie its style or directing fault that the movie isn't really a great or effective one. It the typical new French action and enjoyable style of directing, which also can be seen in for instance movies from Luc Besson, who also produced and wrote this movie and no doubt helped out fellow Frenchman Louis Leterrier, with who he had worked before on several occasions. You could say that its the action that still makes this movie good and interesting. Everything else is just blah.

Of course it are also the actors that still makes this a watchable movie. Not that Jet Li is a wonderful actor but Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman are of course always excellent in any movie. Jet Li is mostly there to provide the movie with its spectacular action and he shows why he should never been given too much lines.

A mixed bag but the movie remains mostly watchable thanks to its action sequences from Jet Li and directing style from Louis Leterrier.


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