(Review originally written at 20 August 2008)

Too be honest, this was a horrible movie to watch. It was annoying since this is one of those movies that clearly lacks a purpose and you just don't really known what it is you're watching. Luckilly the movie does get slightly better toward its end, so I'm more or less glad I still finished watching it, since I almost switched it off after its first 15 minutes, something I normally never ever do.

I still don't know if the movie is trying to be a comedy or a serious movie with comical moments in it. Eitherway, it doesn't really work out effectively. Perhaps it's because of the very underwritten script. It doesn't has some good funny moments written in it and it mostly relies on the stereotyped characters being funny, which they just aren't however. As a realistic and honest straight-forward drama the movie works out better but the atmosphere is just way too light for it to truly ever work out effectively. So here we have one messy movie that just ever really work out either way.

The movie is going nowhere really at its start but if you'll survive the first hour relax, the movie will get slightly better after that point. But it's just too little too late, I'm afraid.


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