(Review originally written at 22 August 2008)

The movie is kind of the like the other earlier Capra movie "It Happened One Night", only the other way around. The female role has changed into the male role and the male journalist role into the female one. It's of course luckily not entirely the same. The movie is not restrained by limited locations and the characters are of course also different. The two main characters for instance already like each other from the start, which of course makes the movie and its love-story a totally different one.

On top of that it has a better written story in my opinion, even though "It Happened One Night" is a more respected movie than "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", also award-wise. "It Happened One Night" won 5 Oscars, while this one won only 1. It was nominated for 4 more though, which equals the amount of categories "It Happened One Night" got nominated for, though this movie got also nominated in some less important categories. This movie still received a best picture nomination but it was Capra's directing which earned this movie its only win.

I'm not the biggest fan of Capra's comedies though, since they are all in a way so much alike, also from other genre movies from the same time period. But this movie is one of his better comedies though. It isn't the type of comedy that makes you laugh out loud but it's more a movie that is fun and entertaining to watch, due to its light atmosphere and story. It makes it a real easy and pleasant to watch movie.

But of course the movie does not only feature purely comical and entertaining moments. It's also a movie with a romantic and more dramatic touch. This is mostly thanks to its well written story, which also features some moralistic elements and social commentary.

It's funny watching Gary Cooper in earlier movies. He still looked so much different and younger than the Gary Cooper that everyone has in their minds when they think about him. This movie earned Cooper his first Oscar nomination. 5 years later he would win his first Oscar for the movie "Sergeant York".

Fine enjoyable movie with a heart.


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