(Review originally written at 13 June 2008)

Obviously this movie got inspired by the success of recent silly comedies and the ones about sports in particular. The movie has more misses then hits in it with its comedy and even though the movie certainly does has its moments, it's just not really a good or recommendable one to watch.

Well, I sort of like this recent silly comedies of this new decade, even though not all are of high quality. They are just so silly that you can't help but laughing. This movie unfortunately is not among the best silly comedies of last recent years. It begins real good and promising but once the main story starts to kick in the movie starts to sleep in and becomes an usual, formulaic, silly, predictable movie, that lacks far too many original or truly hilarious moments. The movie sort of gets better again once Christopher Walken makes his entrance but it's just all not good enough to make this an effective movie. The movie constantly keeps you thinking throughout; They could had really done a better job with this!

It's concept sounds hilarious on its own right and the movie and main story is a spoof of the Bruce Lee class "Enter the Dragon". That movie already sort of was a silly movie in its own right but in a good and almost brilliant way. "Balls of Fury" is far from ever being good or brilliant though.

Probably still the most hilarious element of the movie is the fact that Christopher Walken is in it. He plays his role of course deliberately from a serious angle which makes the comedy involving his character to work out all the better. His role is sort of too small though, also since he doesn't make his appearance until about halve way through the movie. It was as if he only was available for two weeks and they had to shoot all of his stuff in that time frame. None of the other main actors are really solid enough to fully carry this movie and some actors aren't even at the right place in this comedy.

For a good silly sports comedy, watch "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" instead.


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