(Review originally written at 14 June 2008)

Of course I already knew at advance that this movie would be a bad one but in a way the movie was even worse than I could had ever anticipated.

Real problem with this movie is how amateur like it got made. Bad directing, bad editing, and bad camera work. It also doesn't help that the movie is very cheap looking, this lets the movie look all the more weak and ridicules.

The sound also got messed up pretty bad. The one moment some of its sound effects are too loud while the other things and dialog are too soft. This is also variating and at times you can't even hear some of the characters, while the others are clearly understandable, even when they are in the same scene's at times.

Also the story is just plain ridicules. I mean, an Egyptian mummy buried somewhere in the good old USA? It's just their way of saying; we want to do a mummy movie but we don't have the money or resources to go for Egypt for it or try the recreate it somewhere else. Also the way the entire story progresses results in the fact that nothing in the story just ever works really out. It makes the movie boring and real tiresome to watch. And of course the story needs to feature a couple of teenagers in the main lead but oh well this always had been the case in these sort of genre movies since the '70's on. The movie and it's story really start to get out of control as it heads more and more toward its incredibly poorly done last 20 minutes.

The scare effects of the movie just don't work out and they try to enhance it by adding some gore but instead it works out all the more ridicules since it's just not very convincing looking. The special effects are just too lame. The movie also doesn't exactly get scary due to the fact that the mummy is a beautiful, young, half-nude, Arabic girl.

The acting in this movie is all in all not that bad, especially considering the genre but of course the actors aren't exactly helped by the movie its incredible weak and silly script. What's even the main point in the movie its story? The movie really isn't going anywhere with its story. There is mummy on the loose who kills a lot of people in an horrible way but yet no one seems to be worried about the fact that their friends getting killed. The cast mostly consists out of young unknowns with the exception perhaps of Bruce Boxleitner who is a well known in certain circles.

Well OK there are worse movies to watch out there but that doesn't make this movie a good one. The fact that the movie has such a tiresome story is the foremost reason that this movie is a completely dull one that certainly isn't recommendable, not even for the genre fans or lovers of 'bad movies'.


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