(Review originally written at 12 June 2008)

This is basically the same as a DVD featurette for the movie "Jackass Number Two" with cut material and some behind the scenes footage. They say that they filmed so much material for "Jackass Number Two" and it was enough to make a whole new movie with and that's why they made "Jackass 2.5". But seriously, isn't this simply anything more than a simple way to cash in more of the success of the previous Jackass movies and TV show, one year after the release of "Jackass Number Two"?

It already sort of says it, this movie is filled with material that didn't end up in "Jackass Number Two", which basically means it are left overs, so it isn't as good as the things you can see in "Jackass Number Two". Yes of course the movie will still make you laugh but it just isn't as good and solid as "Jackass Number Two".

First they show an entire sequence and then next they tell us why this part didn't ended up being in "Jackass Number Two". Now this just doesn't seem right and actually quite pointless. Or at least it is for a movie. Like I said before, as a DVD featurette this would work out but just not like this.

It's fun to see the cast and crew talking about the making of "Jackass Number Two" and telling how they got their ideas but once more, this would of course work out better as a DVD featurette.

Yes, for most part this movie is still great fun to watch and of course still a must see for the die hard fans but even they shall most likely end up being disappointed with this product that you just can't really call a movie.


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