(Review originally written at 3 July 2005)

In one way "Nixon" is an excellent movie, on the other it's a failure. The movie is made with lots of style and solid acting performances but on the other hand the story is confusing, due to the high pace, much information and many characters. The movie is simply too short to cover the entire political life of Richard M. Nixon.

Watergate, the Vietnam war, the white house tapes, Nixon's two terms it simply is all too much to tell in just one movie. Stone even manages to put some flashbacks in, about how Nixon grew up, something that was not really needed in my opinion. The movie too often gets confusing also because the pace is so incredible high. There is too much information to deal with.

Still the movie is perfectly watchable, especially if you're a fan of Stone's visual style. I love the editing and the cinematography by Robert Richardson is superb!

The acting is also great but what else did you expect from a cast like this? The movie is filled with some big names. OK Hopkins doesn't look at all like Nixon but still his performances is an impressive one and Joan Allen truly deserved her Oscar nomination. She perhaps is the strongest character of the entire movie.

So conclusion is, is that this movie is best watchable for the Stone fans. If you want to know more about Nixon's political career this movie is not the best thing to start of with.


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